Baby, it’s cold outside

When the winter is just outside the door we face the same question over and over again “should we go out today or not?” We asked you, Pufies mothers, to see which would be your most common answer. Some of you were positive that “The fresh air even cold is healthy in proper amounts…”. It could be “for a little while but they should build a tolerance…”, dressed like an Eskimo with “…woven slippers, hat, gloves and quilted overalls…“ are just a few of the things you mentioned you would consider for a nice winter walk.  Others prefer the comfort of their home, instead of risking with the cold weather, because of the “…extensively low temperatures or the many viruses…”.

Is winter actually dangerous for the little guys and girls?

Here are a few tips for the winter walks.

Walks in each of the four seasons are important for the baby to build a tolerance and a strong immune system. Staying at home for too long could endanger the health of the baby, too – the air at home is often stale and full of dust from the furniture, which could cause allergies.

After the second month you can enjoy walks outside even in winter, as long as temperatures are not below -5 degrees and it is not windy. The snow usually enhances the winter experience, as long as it has not made roads and alleys impossible for the little ones or their strollers. The best time for a winter adventure is between 12 and 16 o’clock, when it is warmer outside. Even 20 minutes outside are enough. Before every winter walk it is important to use moisturizing baby skin cream to protect the baby from the dry wind.



The clothing is an important element of the winter adventures. It is good to dress the kid “in layers” combining cotton underwear and wool clothes. The cotton is suitable for the baby as it is soft and doesn’t irritate the skin and the wool keeps warmth and absorbs moisture. When dressed in layers you will have always the option to undress the kid if it gets warmer or you go indoors. As you, The mothers, also shared, it is enough to dress the child with “2 pairs of socks, tights, trousers, vest, blouse, thick sweater, jacket and waterproof pants. Just that 🙂 The above combined with a scarf, mittens and boots” will protect the kid from the cold. And still, be careful and do not overdress your child, as children cope better with lower temperatures, than with  higher ones.



Except for the clothing, there are also other important accessories to be taken in mind, when going out, especially if the baby is still very little. In the baby bag, along with the pacifier, you can pack also: Pufies baby wet wipes, Pufies diapers, baby cream for delicate skin, and a pair of spare clothes, just in case. If the baby is past the breastfeeding age, you can grab some snacks, water and a few wipes will always come in handy.

Some advice for the infants:

Advice 1: If you are going for a walk with your baby for the first time, it is good to do some “training” in advance. For example, you could stay on the balcony for at least 5-10 minutes.

Advice 2: Even if the baby is sleeping, you could still go for a walk. It is good for the baby to breathe some fresh air.

Advice 3: You should try to move the stroller around most of the time, because if you stay in one place too long, the baby could get a cold easily.

Advice 4: An easy way to see if the baby is cold or hot, is to check their forehead and cheeks.

Advice 5: If it is too cold to go for a walk outside, try to get as much fresh air as you can in all rooms. If you have a balcony, as long as it is not on a crowded street, you can use it to go out with the baby for a few minutes.

Some advice for the toddlers that can walk by themselves already:

Show the fun side of winter and snow to the baby so they can see how entertaining those could be –  sleighing, building a snowman, throwing snowballs, you could even let the kid help you cleaning the snow in front of the house.



We received a lot of photos and videos from you, Pufies parents, playing with your kids in the winter. Thank you for sharing those nice moments, which warmed up the cold days of February.