Strengthen the mother-father-baby bond

Babies start developing a bond with their mom while still in her tummy. As soon as they’re born, however, dads start playing an important role in their life. It’s important for the baby to develop a strong bond with both parents – and it’s important for you too. Time spent together is precious. Read more

Easter with the little one

Pufies tips for the holidays

It is never too early to learn the value of spending quality family time.

And every holiday occasion is a great way for you to teach this to your baby.  The chances of the little ones remembering something specific are very slim, but Read more

Τα πρώτα Χριστούγεννα με το μωρό μου

My baby’s First Christmas

Christmas is the most family-oriented holiday of the year and a wonderful occasion to get together and celebrate with your closest ones. The new member of the family often does not understand what the fuss is all about but is still fascinated with all the lights and sparkling toys on the Christmas tree. Still, the first Christmas Eve can be very special for the baby and Read more

5 last-minute Halloween costume ideas for toddlers

It’s almost the end of October and you still haven’t figured out what your child is going to wear? Oops-a-daisy! Fear not, though, we’ve got you covered. We’ve prepared 5 extra easy to prepare DIY costumes: and you probably have the materials at your home, too!

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