As September approaches, the weather outside is getting cooler and more pleasant. Take advantage of these wonderful moments with your little sweetheart and spend time outside! Read more

You might be surprised, but travelling with a baby could be pretty low-key. Infants aren’t as fragile as parents sometimes imagine they are. It’s important, however, to check how baby-friendly your destination and accommodation are. Be prepared that your child is new to traveling and might not react to it the way you expect. Trust yourself, stay calm and positive & you and the baby are going to be just fine! If you’re ready for your first trip – let’s start packing! Read more

Summer’s here – the days are longer and the heat is stronger. That means that there’s plenty of outdoor activities to do together with the little one! But try paying attention to the weather and find a way to cool down. Here are some ideas on how to keep your baby feel cool that you may find useful. Read more

It literally feels like your baby was born a week ago… and you’ve just discovered that they’re already teething! These are exciting times for every mother but sometimes they are also tough. Read more

Babies start developing a bond with their mom while still in her tummy. As soon as they’re born, however, dads start playing an important role in their life. It’s important for the baby to develop a strong bond with both parents – and it’s important for you too. Time spent together is precious. Read more

Most moms would agree that a baby takes up most of your attention and time, if not all. That shouldn’t mean that you shouldn’t pay attention to your own health, tone and wellbeing. Check out these awesome exercises that help keep stress at bay and let you spend some mommy-and-me time with baby simultaneously. Read more

No one understands your little one better than you, so trust yourself and everything will go smoothly. Here are some directions for your mind to explore.

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Your tiny human has arrived! As you hold them, you might think how amazing it is that they’re so small, yet they mean so much to you… being a mom for the first time might be a challenge in the beginning, but there’s no doubt – your tiny bundle of joy is so worth it. Here’s what to expect during their first months. Read more

Are twins double the trouble? Maybe, but we think that the connection they establish with each other is beautiful. How much do you think you know about twins? Keep on reading to find out.

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Shopping for baby clothes is one of the greatest joys for mothers. They are just so cute! Of course, cuteness isn’t the only reason to buy a shirt or pants, it must be made from quality materials and keep the baby warm or cold, depending on the season. We’ve found that autumn (and spring) are the trickiest, even for us adults! You go outside, it’s sunny– next thing you know, you’re freezing. So how do you know if your baby is feeling comfortable and warm? Read more