Your tiny human has arrived! As you hold them, you might think how amazing it is that they’re so small, yet they mean so much to you… being a mom for the first time might be a challenge in the beginning, but there’s no doubt – your tiny bundle of joy is so worth it. Here’s what to expect during their first months.

The first month – exciting times!

They will first start cooing when the right time comes. Remember that every child is different and they may choose to surprise you with certain sounds and even words when you least expect it!

The hearing of your little darling is very sensitive. If you hold them close and speak with them, they can hear your voice and see your expression. Every moment with your little treasure is so special, as you create an invaluable emotional bond for life.


If you sometimes feel insecure about the choices you make – relax, take a deep breath! You, and only you know what’s best for your baby, as you know and understand them like no-one else does. The first months may prove challenging for you and your partner and it might be helpful to communicate about it.

The second month has come – and so have smiles!

That’s right! Your baby might start gracing you with their smile in the second month! Right when you need something to make you feel better after you’ve had a month of sleepless nights 🙂 You’ll discover that their first milestones  – a smile, a word, a step – are the biggest joy for a parent. In fact, you might find yourself smiling when you just think about those milestones later on.


Baby’s hearing has developed even more and they can now distinguish between different voices and recognize them – not only will that be helpful when you have to calm them down, but it means they’ve started developing a special bond with you that will stay on for life. Some moms talk and sing to their babies. Have you tried it? It might even prove to be therapeutical for you.

Hello, third month!

Approximately at this age, your baby will discover their hands as their sense of touch is much more developed. You will be surprised by their curiosity for different materials. Try giving them different types of cloth or check out one of the textured books designed for this age.  Be confident in experimenting with different materials or objects – see what works for you and your baby. Have you discovered what they like already?


Their motor skills are also developing further! Now they’ll start rolling over their tummies. You can start reading to them, or even establish a routine of reading a bedtime story? It will help you put them to sleep and besides, they’re always happy to hear your voice. Those quiet, peaceful moments when your baby’s asleep are the best – there is nothing more beautiful than a sleeping baby.


So, what do you think, Pufies moms? How are your first months with the baby going so far? What was your most emotional moment together? Let us know in the Facebook comments.