The benefits of reading to a baby

What do newborn babies understand from books?

Most of you, Pufies mothers, have agreed it is good to read to a baby. And so it is. In fact, there is a substantial amount of research on the topic and the list of positive effects for your baby goes on and on.
Here are some good reasons to start reading to your baby right away if you haven’t started yet.

1. Quality time with the little one

Reading a book to your newborn is a one-on-one activity, which you can really turn into a special time with your baby. It exposes the baby to the sound of your voice, which calms them down and makes them feel comfortable. This is among the best ways to develop intimacy between the two of you.



2. Helping them build a reading habit later in life

While the newborn doesn’t really understand what you’re saying, they can still begin to pick up the rhythm, tones and inflections of your voice. The more words babies are exposed to, the better prepared they are to eventually start reading on their own.




3. It is good for their brain

Reading to the baby helps building their vocabulary, as well as mathematical skills. There’s also a direct link between how many words a baby hears each day and their language skills. Babies whose parents speak to them more offer, usually score higher on standard mathematical tests when they get older.



4. Teaching them about emotions

Your baby is exposed to various feelings through the different sounds you use when reading, whether it’s changing your voice for a specific character or describing what’s happening in the story. You simply can’t feel that type of emotion in music or through watching TV.



5. A good way to introduce them to visuals

From 0 to 3 months, your child will start focusing their eyes on simple patterns on the pages of the books. Reading picture books presents your newborn with a variety of shapes, letters and colors that they will begin to recognize as the months go by. And eventually, will make it easier for them to apprehend video content.


6. You can choose any read of your liking

Since newborns don’t really understand words yet, you can pick whatever you want to read. A newspaper article, a chick-lit novel or even “Pride and Prejudice”. It doesn’t matter what you’re reading to them, as long as you are doing it.





Let us know if you see some other benefits that we didn’t include, do you like reading to your baby and how it works for you on our Facebook page.
All the best.