Shopping for baby clothes is one of the greatest joys for mothers. They are just so cute! Of course, cuteness isn’t the only reason to buy a shirt or pants, it must be made from quality materials and keep the baby warm or cold, depending on the season. We’ve found that autumn (and spring) are the trickiest, even for us adults! You go outside, it’s sunny– next thing you know, you’re freezing. So how do you know if your baby is feeling comfortable and warm?

Knowing your baby is your most important weapon:

There’s plenty of advice online about how to dress your kid, but the most important thing you should know is that knowing your own child will be your best bet. Look out for signs that they are uncomfortable. You will learn how to tell if your kid doesn’t feel good early on. From then on it’s easy to figure out if they’re too hot or too cold. Trust your intuition! In general, if your kid is calm and happy, they’re probably dressed just fine.

How to actually dress them:

Start by dressing your baby in the same number of layers as you are wearing. Of course, bring along a blanket or an extra sweater in case the weather gets colder. Try not to overbundle: while your kid shouldn’t feel uncomfortable, often we overdress them because we don’t want them to be cold. When the weather is very cold, it’s still better to dress the child in layers instead of one super thick garment, because you’ll be able to remove them as you step inside and out. The same goes for weather that’s hot and cold.

Some other tips:

Hats and mittens are your best friend! They’re easy to remove but they are so, so warm 🙂 Every child should have a pair of booties, as the feet (and hands) are prone to getting cold easier than other parts of the body. If you’re worried your child is cold, these are the signs to look out for: they are crying or complaining and their ears, fingers and toes are cold.


Pufies moms, what are your autumn dressing practices? We’d love to know how you prepare your kid for the chilly weather – please share your thoughts on our Facebook page.