Easter with the little one

Pufies tips for the holidays

It is never too early to learn the value of spending quality family time.

And every holiday occasion is a great way for you to teach this to your baby.  The chances of the little ones remembering something specific are very slim, but the way you make them feel may lay the grounds for their attitude towards all holidays later in life. You just have to keep them involved in the process and make it all about fun with family and friends.

Here are a few advises from us for a great Easter with the little one:

1. Dye eggs together

Making a mess with mom and dad is not a thing to miss. Of course, a few eggs might be broken and many colors spilled, but you do not have to worry about it. Just make sure to cover a large area with nylons, prepare many napkins and dress properly. As for the clothing, think of something you won’t cry over for you and something comfortable and easy to wash for the baby – we recommend just a colorful Pufies diaper and a bath afterwards 😉


2. Let them join the Easter bread baking

12_04We know that cooking doesn’t usually go great with babies, but keeping them around while you bake the Easter bread is a good idea. It will create a cognitive memory through the smell that they will always associate with the happy family holidays spent with you. And if the little ones are old enough to let them copy what you do, the baking experience will be even greater.



3. Organize an egg hunt

^4A63E258C28970FB8E0D7FFED2F06A76850473667C9C2A949D^pimgpsh_fullsize_distrThe old hide and seek with eggs. This tradition is meant for kids, but can also be adopted for babies. Just secure the search perimeter, do not hide the eggs too well and reward the little one with the excitement of braking each found egg. Or other small reward. The search doesn’t have to be closed in a time frame – it can go along for the whole evening.



4. Prepare an Ester basket for the baby




Everybody likes presents. Moreover, receiving one in a special basket each year would surely create a great impression on anyone. Think of bunny slippers, colorful hats, new toys, sketchbooks, pacifiers, cozy shirts, and everything to make the day special.




5. Involve them on the table




You can dress the baby in a bunny costume to keep the attention on them so they do not feel excluded. If the baby is old enough, you can consider sharing the festive food, as well – mash some eggs and make the meal unique.



6. Invite their friends



As much fun as parents can be, having a friend your age and some toys around is always nice. If you can invite another baby, so they can keep each other company, it will be great for everybody.





7. Give a good example



They copy everything you do, so have fun and they will, too 😉







We hope those tips were helpful and we would be happy to hear your thoughts on the subject оn our Facebook page.

Have a great Easter with family and friends!