How to deal with the heat

Summer’s here – the days are longer and the heat is stronger. That means that there’s plenty of outdoor activities to do together with the little one! But try paying attention to the weather and find a way to cool down. Here are some ideas on how to keep your baby feel cool that you may find useful.

Watch out’s for going out:

Your intuition probably already tells you this, but it’s good to avoid being out between 10 AM to 3 PM – that’s when the sun is at its most harmful. In case you have to go out, walk in the shade or catch some means of transport. You can swim in the morning, but remember to apply sun-protective products and go inside before 10 AM.

Dressing up for the heat:

  • Picking the right clothes is important – and it’s usually intuitive. A good rule of thumb is to dress the child the way you’re dressedhow do you feel in your clothes?
  • Some parents prefer to dress their baby in long pants and shirts when they’re outdoors, since the summer sun is quite harmful. It’s a good idea to put a hat on them, too.
  • Since babies don’t perspire as effectively as we do, good ventilation is key. Hence the suitability of loose-fitting garments and natural materials like cotton or linen.

Sun lotion is king!

  • There are products specifically developed for infants. Maybe you have tried some different brands and already found the one more suitable for your needs?
  • Whatever brand and product you choose, keep an eye on the quantity of sun lotion that you apply – every skin has different needs.
  • Put sun lotion underneath the clothes too – it protects the baby’s skin in a way that fabric doesn’t.

Hydration tips:

Staying hydrated helps mightily when dealing with heat.

  • Trust your instinct in understanding what your baby needs. They can be great in giving out a signal if they don’t feel comfortable or in need of more hydration.
  • You can give your child a smaller or bigger amount of water or some other liquid, whatever you think is appropriate. Keep in mind what their age is.

So, are you ready for summer adventures? Tell us what precautions you take in the hottest months in the Facebook comments.