How to prepare for travelling with the baby

You might be surprised, but travelling with a baby could be pretty low-key. Infants aren’t as fragile as parents sometimes imagine they are. It’s important, however, to check how baby-friendly your destination and accommodation are. Be prepared that your child is new to traveling and might not react to it the way you expect. Trust yourself, stay calm and positive & you and the baby are going to be just fine! If you’re ready for your first trip – let’s start packing!

Food and comfort are very important when you’re traveling – especially if it’s a longer trip.

  • Pack an extra bottle of water in case you run out faster than you expect. If you’re not breastfeeding, you can pack as much formula or solid food (depending on your baby’s diet) as you’ll need it for the trip. If you’re not sure if formula is allowed on a certain airline, you can look up the company’s policy online.
  • Pack enough diapers for the whole trip, or at least as many as you’ll need until you reach your destination – whatever is the most convenient option for you. Thankfully, you can choose among a range of pack formats, whatever is most appropriate for the duration of your travel.
  • If the need arises, be prepared with a change of clothes. You can also bring a blanket so that whenever you’re not on the road, your baby has a comfortable familiar place to rest into . Perhaps you can bring some wet wipes and a changing mat, too?

When it comes to health and safety, things are quite straightforward:

  • Bring sunscreen or mineral sun protecting lotions, and a hat –the sun is harmful to your baby’s skin. Protect them from the sun in the car, too – you can choose from removable shade screens on the windows or applying lotion to the kid. Or do both!
  • If you’re traveling with a car, make sure the baby’s car seat is safe and secured. Is your “Baby on board” sticker ready? If you are travelling with an airplane, you can bring your car seat but checking with an airline first would give you peace of mind 😊 .
  • Assemble a first-aid kit just in case – take whatever supplies might be useful on the road. If your kid has prescription medication, you can double-check if you took it. Include a sheet with your child’s health info – like any allergies or conditions, as well as your contacts.

Now that you’ve covered the basics, is there anything else?

  • You can take the most favorite toys with you, so your child can play with them while in the car.
  • Bring a lightweight stroller or a sling – whichever you prefer.
  • Pack some trash bags – you can use them as temporary containers of dirty clothes or diapers.
  • If you’re traveling with a car and your child is already a toddler, you may find the need to stop more often, in case your kid gets restless. You know best that it’s good for them to move around every once in a while!

Is there anything else to keep in mind when packing? Tell us how you prepare in the comments!