Party like a baby

Socializing from the early days

Most of you, Pufies moms, said that it is good for a baby to listen to music. Some even went as far as listing it as a great method for building a strong psyche. We will dedicate another article to this topic, but for now, we will show you how music can help you teach your little one some communication skills. Yes, we are talking about parties!

Babies might seem not to understand a lot, but do not underestimate them. Every interaction a baby has with arts like music, painting or dancing teaches them a lot about life.

There is no doubt that knowing how to enjoy life, have fun and make friends comes handy in life. In addition, there is no better way to learn that, than starting at the first possible moment – while being a baby.

So, invite over a bunch of babies with their parents, create a nice playlist, provide a colorful atmosphere and have in mind a few things:

note_51. Mind the age gap. 

In the early years of life, a small age difference might be a big deal. Younger kids can learn from older ones, but might also be left isolated. You should make sure there are at least a couple of kids going through the same phase, so they can explore together.




note_12. Make sure the game is on.

Little kids can be entertained with little effort. They find everything fascinating which is also the reason they try to imitate each other a lot. So, make sure to provide at least a pair of each toy. It might also be a good idea to leave your kid’s favorite toy out, in order to avoid conflicts. The more things for the kids to interact with you have, the better.




3. Make it cozy.

This is the key for good mood and fluent communication. So, make sure the little ones are dressed comfortably and kept dry. Also, add colour and visual stimuli to the surrounding environment. Toys are not the only way to spark interactions; illustrations are a good tool, as well. Here Pufies diapers can be of great help by keeping the baby dry and comfortable, so they can communicate at ease with their new friends. The cute drawings on each diaper design, on the other hand, provide something to play with and spark the imagination.



4. Be out of their way, but ready to jump back in.

Kids should have the space to communicate on their own. So, think of an interaction for the parents, as well, to keep them a bit occupied. However, make sure you are watching everything and be always ready to gain control if there is a conflict. The best way to manage that is to redirect the kid’s attention towards a new subject – like the cartoons on the diapers:)


note_45. Show them how it is done.

Give a good example. Communicate with the parents and the kids. Show your little one you are interested in what is going on and this is an important process for you. In other words: Have fun!





Once they get a hold of the concept, they will start feeling comfortable with it and, soon enough, they will be teaching you how to have fun and enjoy life. Therefore, we suggest you not to wait too long – get the party started as soon as possible!

We wish you a good time and if there is someone you know who might refuse to come to your party, you can use this article to motivate them 😉