The time has come, huh? We know how important this moment is for you – your kid’s starting daycare! We also know you’ll never feel entirely ready to let them leave the “family nest”. Sometimes it’s hard to adjust in the beginning, we get that. That’s why we’ve compiled some ideas that might make it easier for you and the kid. Check them out!

1. Time management is key

By now, you’ve already established somewhat of a morning routine with the kid. Well, you might have to shake it up a bit. And by that, we mean you have to be prepared for everything!

Add an extra 30 minutes to the time it usually takes you to get ready.

This way, if something happens, you have time to respond and it won’t make you be late. Even if you have spare time, in the end, you can play with your kid and it’ll pass like a second!


2.  Prepare as much as you can the night before

Try to prepare the baby’s luggage for daycare, diapers, extra clothes, etc. the night before.

You’ll save 15 minutes for sleeping in the morning. And remember, as much as you try to plan things out, sometimes they’ll fall apart. And that’s okay!


3. Get to know your kid’s teachers

You will feel at ease if you know you can trust them. Best part is, if you feel comfortable with them, you can ask for advice and also share some specific care instructions for your kids if you have any!

You can ask them any questions and share your anxiety

They are trained to help you and your kid’s transition to daycare.


4. Bring your child to the daycare a few times before they actually start

Don’t stay too long, but make sure they get accustomed to the setting so they don’t go to an entirely new place when the time comes.

Let the child explore their surroundings on their own.

This isn’t a big transition only for you, but for your child, too. Remind them that they will be starting daycare soon and tell them more about what that’s like. Show them you feel happy they’re going. If they have an older sibling, tell them what their brother or sister does through the day. It will help them understand that it’s an absolutely normal thing – everyone does something during the day 🙂


5. Involve your child in the preparation for daycare

You can let them pick their clothes and toys they bring. This isn’t the time to make big changes in your kid’s life – like potty training or moving them to a bed. Make sure their time at home is consistent with how it used to be. It’s possible that your child will feel most upset when you drop them off – if you arrive 15 minutes earlier, you’ll have time to ease them into an activity or a game.

They might not protest your departure as much if they are having fun.

If it’s particularly hard for your child when you leave, you can try and have the other parent or a relative/friend the kid knows drop them off.



What do you think, Pufies moms? We’d love to hear what you have to add, especially the mamas that have already gone through the process. And remember, daycare’s gonna be great 🙂