Strengthen the mother-father-baby bond

Babies start developing a bond with their mom while still in her tummy. As soon as they’re born, however, dads start playing an important role in their life. It’s important for the baby to develop a strong bond with both parents – and it’s important for you too. Time spent together is precious. You probably already have a favorite pastime as a family, but if you want to try something different, we have a few ideas how to spend time together and create that special relationship.

Craft together!

As soon as your kid’s motor skills start shaping up, they will want to do everything you do! Try crafting something together – it doesn’t necessarily have to be something complicated – perhaps you can draw something or cut different shapes. Think about different projects around the house you could do as a family – after you’re done, you have a keepsake. For example, if you choose to draw something, frame it and hang it somewhere, so you get to see a drawing you’ve created together every day. Is there anything that your partner does and you don’t? Trust him to suggest an idea for a creative activity you can do with your child.

Sing and dance together!

Karaoke is always fun! It’s instant happiness for the whole family – you won’t be able to tell who’s enjoying it more, your kid or you. You don’t have to get out of the house either – just play some music and have some wholesome family fun. If your child is old enough, you may want to try and involve him in the dances – if not they can still sing along or coo. Do they have any favorite songs? Include them in your playlist, but also add some favorite songs of mom and dad.

Go on a hike!

Yes, that’s right! Take the baby hiking. This is a shared experience that will not only strengthen your connection as a family, but also to nature as a whole. Kids are easily impressed from a very young age and the new – and beautiful – scenery will be interesting to them. Besides, you get to relax and brush away your worries too. If your child is old enough to walk, let them wander and collect things like leaves, rocks, flowers or sticks. Just make sure to bring sun screen!

Have a picnic!

In case you don’t have any mountains just lying around, there’s always the park. If you don’t fancy a longer walk or hike, you may want to make a nice picnic. You can make the organizing a bonding experience in itself: mom and dad can make the food together, and the baby can watch what’s going on (and maybe snack). You can let the baby explore the park and the good thing is that there usually are playgrounds there, so whenever you’re done with the picnic, you can go and play.

Well, did you find an activity that suits your family? Or do you already have one? Tell us about your most precious moments with your kid – how do you like spending your time together? Let us know in the Facebook comments.