Summer with the baby

What to do with your little one during the warm summer days

It is summertime and life is, well, not exactly easy with a baby, but it is definitely interesting! Now is your chance to take the little ones out and show them how wide and rich life is. It is also a great way for you to peek at the world through a new perspective, because nothing makes you see things anew like watching a baby experience them for the first time. Here are some advice we can give you to begin with:

1. Head to the pool

If you need to cool off in the hot weather don’t worry, babies love to swim. It is a perfect match for you, too. You should consider a step back on cannonballing, but seeing your little one coping in the water better than you is a much greater joy, trust us. Plus, if the pool is well maintained, there is much less to worry about germs as opposed to the depths of the sea, a river or a lake.



2. Picnic in nature

Surely, there is a park somewhere near you and even better a mountain, river or plain fields. Pack a lunch and go. Let your baby feel the grass tickle their feet, and have them lie on your lap and watch the leaves rustle in the wind. Even if they`re too young to roll a ball, they’ll love watching other people play. Frisbee games, bikes, dogs, birds, and squirrels are all five-star entertainment. Just observing the ground and picking the grass teaches them a lot about the planet they will spend their lives on. Use a Pufies diaper to be sure                                                                            the baby is comfortable and let them explore.


3. Plant something

There is no better way to teach your little one responsibility than planting something they will see grow. It can be a flower at home or even a tree in the nearby park. Just imagine your baby being a teenager sitting with a friend under the shades of a tree they planted in the beginning of their journey through life. Isn’t this reason enough?



4. Introduce them to the animal kingdom

Here comfort is also key, because meeting an animal takes time. Pack enough Pufies diapers and go for a trip to see as many animals around, as possible. It can be a trip to the zoo, so they experience the variety of live forms earth is hosting or it can even be a longer ecotourism trip. Go to the countryside, show them where eggs come from, how we are getting milk and the collaboration between humans, horses, donkeys, dogs and everything else. It will surely be fascinating to them.


5. Consider a course

Summer isn’t just for the baby. Did you feel like improving you language skills or getting better at yoga? Both of those options are great for the little one, as well. Just seeing you trying to improve, will make them more ambitious in life. And about the implications of language and flexibility skills, you probably know more than we do, so what are you waiting for?



6. Eat well

Summer… the time of blooming fruits and vegetables. If they are past breastfeeding, don’t pick just your favorite, let them try it all. Mashing fresh veggies or fruits will always be more delightful for the baby than the cans from the store. Use the wonders of summer at their fullest and make it a memorable one.



Which of those activities are you most eager to try? Let us know on our Facebook page and we will make sure to offer some even better ones 😉